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About Evolution Water Well Drilling

Discover the time-tested secret to drilling success! With over 4000 years of proven effectiveness, our original drilling methodology offers unparalleled precision and penetration, making it perfect for uncovering water in low-producing areas that others might miss—worried about space constraints? Fear not - our compact rig is designed to fit seamlessly into even the tightest spots on your property. Choose the reliable, age-old method and join countless satisfied clients who have benefited from our timeless expertise.

Our Founder

Boasting an impressive two-decade-long career, Lyndon's expertise spans various well types such as stock, household, shop, town, industrial, oil sands, and dewatering wells. As a master of drilling techniques, including mud rotary, air rotary, and percussion, his proficiency has been recognized with a Journeyman water well license in Alberta and British Columbia since 2002. Lyndon emerged as the Top apprentice in Alberta and received the prestigious Siebel award. Additionally, he holds a Level 2 Pump Installer Certificate, further showcasing his diverse capabilities in the field and the value he brings to Evolution Water Well Servicing.


Lyndon Stinson

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